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Domain 3: Training content design


Boords is a on online platform which contains different tools to create storyboards, scripts, and animatics during a pre-production process.

Andragogical value

Boords is a tool which allows the educator to create a storyboard in order to develop the process of an activity. Thanks to the usage of this effective tool it is possible to get a clear overview of the activity the educator would like to work on.


Boords is a web-based tool which runs on any standard web-browser, on Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices.

To use Boords it is necessary to create an online account, register information and a password.


It is possible to use Boords for free, for an initial trial (two storyboards can be developed and there are limited functions). More specific functions of the tool can be used with a monthly payment (different payment plans are available).

Security and privacy

All content and information uploaded on Boords is kept confidential only to the user. The user can then decide how and what to share with the public and other peers.

More detailed information about privacy can be found at the following link: