Fourth AAA-Stepup2ICT transnational project meeting

The fourth transnational project meeting was held in Fano, on 28 February and 1 March 2019. The project partners discussed the finalization of the foreseen outputs and activities.
The andragogic handbook „Using ICT in adult education” is ready and will be soon published in all partners languages. The AAA-StepUp2-ICT Modularized training programme: “Facilitating Educators’ and Trainers’ uses of online learning, web 2.0 technologies and mobile technologies in different Adult education contexts” was piloted at international level and partners discussed the results and improvements to be implemented before local pilots. The OERs are ready to be used by adult educators and trainers as well as the AAA-StepUp2-ICT Community Platform.
Partners also discussed dissemination and quality plan, management and reporting system and the activities until the next meeting.


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