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Domain 4: Training development


Venngage is a reliable infographic design application that converts data and processes into more accessible and memorable content. The program enables users to create graphs, infographics, and charts easily. It provides a vast array of easy exporting options, clipart, icon, customizable templates and themes, free-form design canvas, and drag & drop user interface.

In addition, Venngage is dominated by robust customization and ease of use.

The application has a free version which is perfect for beginners and the paid plans for business and organizations. All the plans offer flexibility in terms of payments allowing the user to choose a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription.

Andragogical value

Vinngage allows making learning interactive and visual. It perfect for classrooms of all age groups. Learners can use Venngage to learn about visual storytelling, data exploration and creating presentations.

This software let learners express their creativity while learning important data visualization, storytelling and presentation skills.

Teachers can use this as a tool to display information and help students focus on principles of good design: they should use concise language, graphics, icons, and charts to tell their story.

Although learners can learn a lot by creating and other users’ projects model good design, there’s no design-focused learning baked in, or help with assessment. Teachers should build in time for instruction and for feedback.


Venngage offers a simple enterprise pricing model, capped by three pricing plans that can be billed monthly, quarterly, or yearly:

●       Free plan
●       5 infographics
●       Venngage branding
●       Share publicly

Business plan – $49/month, $43/month (billed quarterly), and $39/month (billed yearly).


For  sign up to Venngage online platform learners van use email, google or facebook account.

In any case, new users signing up for the system must agree with terms of Service,  Privacy Policy and that Venngage uses cookies to give the best user experience.

Security and privacy

Venngage Inc., a company registered and operating under the laws of Canada. The company respect user privacy and comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws. When user sign-up or use Venngage website and services, user are consenting to the processing of personal data.

The Privacy Policy describes when and how Venngage collect data, what types of data and in which way they collect.

Also users privacy rights, privacy of children’s, how and how long company store users data, sharing of personal informations are described.

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