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Domain 2: Training need assessment and Domain 6: Training evaluation


Socrative is a tool for fun, effective classroom engagement. It allows the educator to instantly connect with learners as learning happens and assess them with prepared activities or on-the-fly questions to get immediate insight into their understanding.

Different activity types are available:

  • design and edit a library of quizzes;
  • create virtual rooms where to launch activities;
  • engage learners by launching quizzes, competitions, etc.
  • visualize and report learner understanding.
Andragogical value

Socrative provides an engaging and easy to use classroom tool that educators can exploit as part of their classroom activities to identify levels of learner understanding on a real-time basis


Socrative is a web-based platform accessible on Macintosh, Windows, and Chrome-based operating systems. All you need is an HTML-5 compliant web browser and an internet-connected desktop, laptop, Chromebook, mobile device, or tablet.

(more details are available at


There are two licensing options for educators: free, with limited functionalities, and PRO, with complete functionalities.
For learners it is always free.

Educators need to register and get an account, while learners just have to know the room name to access.

In addition to the web-based version, mobile apps for Android, Chrome-based OS, iOS are also available.

Security and privacy

Socrative values users’ privacy. The Privacy Policy describes how visitors’ information is collected, used and disclosed. To register, educators must provide an email and password; they may also provide additional optional information including first name, last name, primary role, what they teach and where. Learners are not required to submit registration information.