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Domain 1: Training coordination and Domain 5: Training delivery


Slack is an online and free tool that allows the creation of virtual groups and communities by which it is possible to interact, communicate and share data in real time.

It allows the communication of written, audio and video documents and to share information in different formats.

It is also possible to create subgroups (channels) and to send private messages among specific members of a group or community.

Andragogical value

The building of an online group favours interaction among adult learners. It can be used as a complement of face to face work moments. It also allows a personalised guidance of work achieved by each adult learner and the monitoring of each one’s learning path. Conversely, SLACK is not your best option if you are not working with of within a team.


Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Internet connection


SLACK is freeware available cross-platform, including for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS environments.

Security and privacy

Before using Slack it is important to verify the Privacy and Security Policy of the service.”>”>