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Domain 2: Training need assessment


It is a free tool available for Android, iPhone and iPad which allows the preparation of multiple choice tests and true/ false questions for the learners in a simple, dynamic and attractive way.

Feeback from the learners can be obtained in real time, getting to know who has answered correctly and who has not. Answers are provided through a set of cards which use BIDI code technology.  Each learner has his own card, and after the question is projected, they will orientate their cards according to the answer considered valid (4 options max). The trainer will scan the cards (answers) with his mobile or tablet and will obtain results instantly.

Andragogical value
  • It is very useful to measure progresses made by learners, and use data obtained as a starting point, not just an ending metric.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Only the trainer needs a device:  computer/tablet/smartphone (Plickers can be managed through the website or an application available for mobiles and tablets).
  • It favours regular and frequent assessments.
  • It provides automatic correction.  Answers are collected very quickly through scanning.
  • It supplies immediate feedback in real-time.
  • You can monitor learner progress and save time grading.
  • You can view either individual results or group results.
  • It is reliable.
  • You can share data/information with other adult educators (exporting results to excel or with the printing option).
  • It involves active participation from all the learners.
  • It increases motivation and reduces anxiety associated to individual tests.
  • It helps trainers to know quickly and precisely if learners have the background needed in terms of knowledge, enabling a prompt personalized response. This will allow the trainer to meet the demands, reinforcing the learning process.
  • Smartphone or tablet for the teacher (Android, iPhone, iPad).
  • Internet connection.
  • Plickers set of cards. There are different options according to the class size (available on Plickers website and also in Amazon). ​
  • Computer with projector is desirable to show questions and results (life view).

It is a free tool. Registration is needed.

Only available in English language.

Security and privacy

Plickers does not collect personal information from adult learners directly, only the data entered by trainers and schools when using the services in the classroom.

Plickers may use de-identified information about learners to allow the services to adapt to individual learners and recommend materials that can help them to learn.

This assessment tool encourages cheating prevention, given the BIDI codes and the cards size.

Plickers Privacy Policy: