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Domain 4: Training development


A great way to organise and provide learning content online is Moodle ( Moodle is a free and open-source software learning Management system developed on pedagogical principles. It is largely used in blended learning, distance education, and the flipped classroom approach. Moodle stands for “modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment“. It allows extending and tailoring learning environments and is used by numerous universities. Using Moodle the trainers can provide all kind of material, curricula and even assessment for participants of their training.

Andragogical value

Moodle’s mission has and always will be to empower educators with flexible and powerful tools; tools that can enhance collaborative learning and improve educational outcomes.
Moodle has an abundance of features that can remove mundane tasks from an educator’s schedule and give them more time to focus on creating engaging courses and activities for their students.


MoodleCloud is a web-based platform, which allows getting a free site for up to 50 users – participants of a learning activity. The prices of larger plans starting at $80 AUD/year. For registration, a user needs HTML-5 compliant web browser, an internet-connected desktop, laptop, Chromebook, mobile device, or tablet.
The Moodle software is free and open source. Installation of Moodle on the own server requires a web server with PHP and a database. Installation package can be downloaded or obtained at Moodle via Git.
Alternatively, there is a possibility of trying Moodle on personal computer with an installer package which includes all other software required to make it run (Apache, MySQL and PHP).


In both, MoodleCloud and standard Moodle, cases teachers should have had their account. Having an account, teacher can register all students to the course in case the course is not open. Otherwise, for enrolling a course, students should know login details and name or address of the learning course.
In addition to the web-based version, mobile apps for Android, Chrome-based OS, iOS are also available.

Security and privacy

Moodle is a company which values its users’ data protection and privacy rights. The company follows EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The Privacy Policy describes how visitors’ information is collected, used and disclosed.
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