Kylene De AngelisKylene De Angelis, Training 2000,  Project manager, expert in adult education and IT



Elmo De Angelis

Dr. Elmo De Angelis, Training 2000, Adult education specialist and e-learning technologies



Ingrida BorisenkoDr. Ingrida Borisenko, KU, Distance learning methodologist, specialist on ICT and statistics



Julija MelnikovaDr. Julija Melnikova, KU, Adult education specialist, EPALE local administrator



Ilona ZubrickieneDr. Ilona Zubrickiene, KU, Adult education specialist, distance education



Loreta StaskunieneLoreta Staskuniene, KU, Project manager



Lorenzo Sommaruga

Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Sommaruga, SUPSI, Project manager, specialist in ICT and e-learning technolologies



Nadia Catenazzi

Dr. Nadia Catenazzi, SUPSI, Specialist in ICT and e-learning technolologies



Fernando Albuquerque Costa

Dr. Fernando Albuquerque Costa, IEUL, Adult digital literacy specialist, project manager



Paula Guimarães

Dr. Paula Guimarães, IEUL, Adult education policies and lifelong learning specialist



Joana Viana

Dr. Joana Viana, IEUL, E-learning and ICT specialist



Javier Farto, Documenta, Expert at adult education with wide experience in workshop and trade school programmes plus occupational ongoing training programs for unemployed and active workers


Raquel Cadenas

Raquel Cadenas, Documenta, Education specialist with a background in adult aducation through different training programmes


Alfonso Cuevas

Alfonso Cuevas, Documenta, Adult education research assistant




Prof. dr. Koen DEPRYCK, IKM, Innovation in Education, Lifelong Learning, ICT in Education, Teacher Education, Edupreneurship