Displaying training material in tabbed form

Domain 4: Training development

Difficulty level

1,5 hours


  • Computer/multi-touch device
  • Internet connection
Brief description

In this activity, the Tab Display is described as one of the methods that can be used to organize course content by grouping learning resources related by topic. This activity allows placing any learning material like research articles, websites, slides, etc., in separate tabs.


Tabs within a page are a way to consolidate information in a compact way. They are a means to present chunked information that is related. Tabbed content will help you in cleaning up your course page by combining several resources into tabs, so the learning material is more systemized and attractively designed.
There are multiple ways to add tabbed content within Moodle.

Learning WHAT

To use a tab for systemization and consolidation of learning material.

Notes and links to the tool

Moodle is offered in a variety of pricing plans, including a free version. For using a free version, the teacher may need a Moodle partner or Internet service provider (ISP) to host the Moodle site. In addition, there is an opportunity to create learning courses on MoodleCloud (https://moodlecloud.com/), which does not require any instalment or upgrading.

Detailed description of the learning activity

By using Tab displays, less vertical screen space is used in the middle area of the course main page. Consider how current web browsers support the use of tabs allowing you to open a different website in each. This can make it much easier to access and use each site without the need to use the Back & Forward buttons on the browser as instead, you simply access each tab. Adding Tab Displays in your Moodle course can work in a similar fashion with course content.

  1. To add content in Tab format go to your Moodle course and turn to edit on, Click the Add an activity or resource link in the course section where you want the Tab display to be included.
  2. Select Tab display from the pop-up from within the Resource section and click Add.
  3. In the Name field, enter a required name.
  4. Enter the title of the tab in the Tab name.
  5. In the Tab content areas, add the content you want to be displayed in the tab.
  6. Note, the Tabs will display either the content text OR an embedded web page, not both.
  7. To add another tab, click Add a new tab button, and repeat the above steps 6 to 8 to add content to the new tab.
  8. In Display tab menu sections, you can create a menu with links to other instances of Tab display modules in your course.
  9. Restrict access options allow you to set restrictions on an activity or resource by date & time, or by conditions related to previous activities.
Tips & tricks

When designing a lesson, it is advisable to split the lecture material into small even parts – large text distracts the reader.

Security & digital identity

To be able to use the MoodleCloud hosting services, teachers and students have to receive an account.
There is no limit to the age of students, but every user must comply with the terms and conditions specified.
For more information read “Terms & Conditions of Service“ (https://moodlecloud.com/app/terms)