Presenting training materials through attractive videos

Domain 4: Training development

Difficulty level

1,5 hour


  • Computer desktop or mobile device
  • Internet connection
Brief description

In this activity, the creation of video by using a platform Headliner is described. Headliner platform proposes simple tools for the creation of short professional videos for better perception of training material.


The ICT makes the process of creating a video possible, helping the educator to efficiently collect the content and create an innovative presentation of material through video.  This activity also supports the visualization of training content, so that it could be attractive for learners of visual/audial learning style.

Creating visual content by Headliner, an educator will be able to develop a video using various templates.


Learning WHAT
  • To create video online;
  • Share information with colleagues and trainees.
Notes and links to the tool
Detailed description of the learning activity

In order to create a good  video, you should:

  • Analyze and systematize the information you want to present in your video.
  • Collect the information you need to create the video.
  • Sign-up on Headliner to start creating your video, which can contain audio, images, and text with many fonts.

Once you have finished your project, you can generate the file, download it, upload it on social media or put the link on Youtube.

  1. Reflect on content information which you would like to share and/or discuss;
  2. Familiarize with Headliner platform and it’s different functions;
  3. Collect and systemize information;
  4. Pick a video template or start from scratch and create a video design compatible with your content;
  5. Drag, drop & animate information which you want to share;
  6. Finalize the content file, share with peers and discuss;
  7. Export and share your video.
Tips & tricks

Before starting the activity, make sure that learners have an email account to be able to subscribe to the application.
Encourage learners to systematize information and present it in a short, laconic form.

Security & digital identity

Headliner respects the privacy of user information and complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC). To more information read Headliner  Privacy Policy which explains how Headliner treats user information.