From communication to action

Domain 1: Training coordination

Difficulty level

2-3 hours

Slack plus Teamline Plugin The free version of Teamline adds limited yet handy project management capacity to SLACK. For more advanced functionality, Teamline PRO is required .

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • productivity software, Slack
Brief description

In this activity, you will learn how to move from ‘discussing’ an item to ‘action’ by creating a task, assigning them, setting deadlines, creating status overviews and more.


Add stronger project management capabilities to SLACK, including links to other ICT tools and applications.

Learning WHAT
  1. Analyse the functional needs of a training project (communication, sharing of information/documents/…), assigning tasks, evaluation the status of tasks.
  2. Applying a pool of ICT tools to plan and coordinate a learning activity
Notes and links to the tool

Detailed description of the learning activity

Step 1. Participants download and install Slack and they add Teamline as a plugin. They install Teamline as a plugin and they install other plugins they find useful (for example a plugin linking Slack to a document repository … )

Step 2. In this activity move from ‘discussing’ to ‘action’ when using SLACK. All to often tasks and and ‘to do’s’ are discussed but not really followed up. They end up in a report of a meeting but there status is difficult to evaluate until a next formal evaluation point. Participants use the Timeline plugin to create tasks and deadlines in SLACK and to assign them to team members.

Step 3. Status reports can be easily generated using the DSHBOARD functionality in Teamline. Use Slack to discuss necessary changes, deadlines and more in the appropriate channels.

  1. Download and install Slack. Setup accounts and channels and invite team members. Install ‘Teamline’ as a plugin. Discuss and install other plugins when appropriate for the project.
  2. Add content and discussion to the channels in SLACK and turn information into action using Teamline.
  3. Use DSHBOARDS included in Teamline to follow up on the planning and coordination
Tips & tricks

Participants in this training activity should as much as possible work with authentic information and authentic planning and coordination challenges.

While Slack runs also on mobile devices, it makes sense to explore these advances functions in a desktop environment

Security & digital identity

Before using Slack it is important  to verify the Privacy and Security Policy of the service.