Deliver a quiz for formative assessment

Domain 6: Training evaluation

Difficulty level

1 hour



Desktop or portable computer, mobile devices, projector, Internet connection

Brief description

In this activity you will learn how to deliver a quiz in the classroom context for formative evaluation


This activity can be connected to activity “Create a quiz for formative assessment” and explains how to launch an existing quiz to learners in the classroom context for formative assessment. This is useful to evaluate learners’ understanding of a subject and adjust your training plan if necessary

Learning WHAT

To deliver a quiz to evaluate learners understanding

Notes and links to the tool

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform, free for educators and learners. You can use it to create fun learning games, called kahoots and share them with others in the same room or remotely. You can also search among millions of existing games and use them.

Kahoot! is available online at

Alternative tools to create quizzes are:

  • Socrative (
  • Quizzlet (
  • Plickers (
Detailed description of the learning activity

This activity allows you to deliver a multiple choice quiz to collect feedback from your learners.

Before starting you need to create a free account as educator ( and login.

In addition, to acquire familiarity with the tool and its potential, have a look at

To select a quiz for your learners you have two options: select “My Kahoots” from the navigation bar and choose a quiz in your repository, or click on “Discover” to search for existing quizzes in the library and pick one. Once you have selected the quiz, click “Play”.

Now you are ready to propose it to your learners: just click “Play” to run your live kahoot, that is intended to be displayed on a large screen in front of your learners. You will be asked to select between two options: classic mode with each player answering from their own device, or team mode where a group of players share one device to answer. Choose “Classic”. You may also adjust “Game Options” to customize the way you play, e.g. to randomize order of questions and answers, to generate funny nicknames for players, etc.

You will see a code, the game PIN; ask learners to join the quiz at and insert the game PIN. Wait for learners to join and answer questions; click the next button after each question.

At the end save the results by downloading them, and you will get a spreadsheet containing all the answers.

  • create a free account as educator in Kahoot (, if not done yet
  • login in
  • select “My Kahoots” from the navigation bar and choose a quiz in your repository; alternatively click on “Discover” and select an existing quiz in the Kahoot library;
  • select “Play”
  • select “Classic” and adjust “Game Options”
  • share the game PIN with your learners
  • ask learners to join the quiz at and insert the game PIN
  • at the end save the results
Tips & tricks

To play kahoots connectivity is crucial; verify it before starting.

Run this activity at different times during the training course to get feedback from learners and adjust training accordingly.

The Kahoot! library offers a lot of public resources. Check the existing one before developing your own to verify if there is something already available. Use it as it is if it satisfies your requirements, or duplicate and modify it according to your needs.

Security & digital identity

Security and Protection of Personal Information on the Kahoot! platform and mobile apps are big priorities for Kahoot! AS. They are pursued by means of ad-hoc internal practices and specific infrastructures as described in