Creating online multimedia presentations collaboratively

Domain 5: Training delivery

Difficulty level

3 sessions of ±1:00H



Computer desktop or mobile device
Internet connection

Brief description

In this activity, the idea is that adult learners can organize a multimedia presentation in a collaborative way, outside the training room, but in real time, taking advantage of the fact that they can do it online, through the Internet. For that, they will use an online tool for presentations that allows to combine text, image, sound, and other graphic elements available. In that way learners can organise and present a particular topic or theme assigned to small groups.


In a training context, working in small groups is often used to promote interaction and communication skills. Recognizing the importance of interaction with others and the importance of collaboration to share information or to solve problems, this strategy could be used as a way to foster or reinforce those skills, this time inside an online and collaborative environment.

Learning WHAT
  • To interact and communicate online to elaborate a presentation.
  • To create and share multimedia content online.
  • To organise multimedia content in a collaboratively way.
  • To use the online presentation to share ideas with the others.
Notes and links to the tool

Emaze is available online and is partially free. The access of the online Emaze platform involves an individual registration.

Emaze allows users to incorporate pictures, video, audio and text in a collaborative way. In addition to presentations, Emaze also allows the creation of websites, weblogs, e-cards, and photo albums.

Detailed description of the learning activity

Before starting the activity, make sure that adult learners have an email so that they can register in the Emaze platform.

Then, it will be important to access the platform, showing everyone how it is organized, what features are available, and give them time to try each of these features.

Please be sure that all feel acquainted with the tool before asking them to collaborate in the creation of a common presentation about one of the texts they had to read for the training course.

To accomplish this, please create different working groups and ask each group to start to create their first presentation with your face to face supervision.

After verifying that all groups are able to create a multimedia application face-to-face, challenge them to do the same type of activity at home until the next session. Thus, adults in training will have the opportunity to apply independently what they have learned about Emaze.

In the next face to face session, it is time for the different working groups to present their work, taking advantage of the opportunity for the debate according to the objectives of the requested task.

  1. To sign up and to become familiar with the Emaze tool
  2. To start to try and create different kinds of multimedia content
  3. To set the overall goal and the structure of the presentation
  4. To create and combine the multimedia content produced
  5. To show and share the finished presentation to others
Tips & tricks

Emaze can be used particularly between work face to face sessions, whenever you want to take advantage of the collaborative work, but it can be also an useful tool if used during the face to face sessions.

Security & digital identity

Explain to the participants how the Emaze security policy works and guide them to check out the Privacy and Security Policy in the Emaze website.

Remember them that images and other published content must be free of copyright and properly referenced.