Create visual content

Domain 3: Training content design

Difficulty level

2 sessions of ±1:00H


Computer desktop or mobile device

Internet connection

Brief description
In this activity, you will create visual content. This will support the adult educator to visualize the training content needed to achieve the foreseen learning outcomes. Creating an infographic document, the educator will be able to collect in chronological order the training content reflecting the achievement of the learning outcomes.
Creating visual content helps the educator to collect possible content and represent it in an original and efficient way, with many original layouts.

Online presentations, social media graphics and more allow to create and represent innovative content.

Learning WHAT
  • To create presentations, social media graphics and other documents
  • To design an eye-catching presentation
  • Share information with peers and/or trainees
Notes and links to the tool

Canva is an online tool that allows to create drawings which can be shared with peers.

You can use Canva for creating documents and drawings for any occasion and purpose. It is also possible to access a database of images, illustrations, icons and fonts within the app. You can find it on

Detailed description of the learning activity
Reflect on the information you would like to collect and communicate to peer educators and/or trainees your training content.

Collect the information you need to create the content.

Sign-up on Canva to start creating your file, which can contain images, texts, charts, etc.

Through Canva you can use many available tools and materials, such as images, photo filters, free icons and shapes and hundreds of fonts.

Once you have finished your project, you can save the file, download it, upload it on social media or share the link with peers and/or trainees through email or other means of communication.

  1. Reflect on content information which you would like to share and/or discuss
  2. Familiarize with Canva platform, multimedia and different functions
  3. Collect materials reflecting information which you want to share
  4. Design a dazzling and eye-catching structure for your presentation/document
  5. Finalize the content file, share with peers and discuss
Tips & tricks
Before starting the activity, make sure that adults have an email account to be able to subscribe to the application.

Encourage trainees to be as precise as possible and to always keep in mind the ultimate results that they need to achieve.

Security & digital identity
By accessing or using the service, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use Agreement (you can find it on the website) and to the collection and use of your information as set forth in the Canva Privacy Policy , whether or not you are a registered user of our Service

Please remind the user to quote authors or to check copyright of material used to create the training content.