Create, share and discuss image or audio files

Domain 3: Training content design

Difficulty level

2 sessions of ±1:00H

Voice Thread

Computer desktop or mobile device

Internet connection

Brief description

In this activity, you will collect images and comment them using audio. This supports the adult educator to visualize the training content needed to achieve the foreseen learning outcomes. Through the creation of a presentation of images (or videos) and by adding audio files the adult educator can easily share ideas with other educators and/or  adult learners.


Creating  an image and audio archive and being able to modify the files, allows the educator to have a complete overview of the content and to share it with peers when needed. This activity can be carried out through digital technologies which offer a wide range of functions and are useful in order to make the work easier, simpler and faster.

Learning WHAT
  • To create and upload images
  • Integrate different elements (audio files, links, texts, documents, videos, etc.)
  • Comment images and other files creating an introduction to the training content
  • Share information with peers and/or trainees
Notes and links to the tool

VoiceThread is a learning tool for enhancing online presence. With VoiceThread, educators can create, share, and comment on images, presentations, videos, audio files, documents, and PDFs, using microphone, webcam, text, phone, and audio-file upload. You can find it on

Detailed description of the learning activity
Reflect on the information you would like to collect and communicate to peer educators and/or trainees about your training content.

Collect images which represent this information.

Sign-up on VoiceThread to start creating your file, which can contain images, videos, charts, etc.

Order the images according to the information you want to give. Comment on it also by tracing lines or highlighting different sections while you speak.

Through Voicethread it is also possible to add videos of yourself explaining the content, adding information and graphic explanations using the tools offered by the platform.

Once you have finished click on “share” and copy the link. Share the link with peers and/or trainees.

  1. Reflect on content information which you would like to share and/or discuss
  2. Familiarize with VoiceThread platform, multimedia and different functions
  3. Collect images reflecting the information you would like to transfer
  4. Add voice to the images, documents, etc.
  5. Finalize the content file, share with peers and discuss


Tips & tricks
Before starting the activity, make sure that adults have an email account to be able to subscribe to the application.

Encourage trainees to be as precise as possible and to always keep in mind the ultimate results that they need to achieve.

Security & digital identity

All the files created using VoiceThread are private. The platform does not claim of any user-generated content. All users control access of their own contents. Please remind the user to quote authors or to check copyright of material used to create the training content.