Create a survey for training evaluation

Domain 6: Training evaluation

Difficulty level

1 hour and 30 minutes in two sessions

Google Forms


Desktop or portable computer, mobile devices, Internet connection

Brief description

In this activity you will learn how to create a survey for your learners and collect responses


Online forms are versatile tools that can be used for a lot of different purposes: manage event registrations, create a quick opinion poll, collect contact info, etc. Within the educational context it is a useful instrument to collect learners’ opinion at the end or during a course for training evaluation.

Learning WHAT
  • to create a survey using Google Forms
  • to get survey results
Notes and links to the tool

Google Forms is part of Google’s online apps suite of tools; it was developed to collect information from users via surveys or quizzes. The tool allows you to create surveys quickly and easily, share them and analyse results, directly in your web browser without additional software installation.

Google Forms is available online at

Alternative tools to create surveys are:

  • typeform (
  • surveymonkey (
  • survio (
Detailed description of the learning activity

The activity is organized in two main sessions: the form creation and the form delivery.

Before starting, a planning phase is necessary to decide which questions to ask. Once ready, open Google Forms at and login.

Notice that if you do not have a Google account you have to create it to be able to start.

Create a new blank form that will be automatically saved in Google Drive after any change.

Now you can insert title, description, add images or videos and customize your form (e.g. shuffle question order, admit another response, etc.).

Start inserting questions. You can choose among different question types: multiple choice, check box, drop down, linear scale, short answer, etc.

Once you have completed the form creation, you can start the form delivery, by sending your form to participants to fill out. You can also set a validity time interval for collection.

After completing this phase, you can view the responses under the Responses tab section of your Google Form.

  • Log in into, creating a Google account if necessary
  • Add a new form
  • Insert questions
  • Send the form to participants
  • View responses
Tips & tricks

Since our purpose is to use it for training evaluation, instead of starting from scratch by creating a new form, you can also exploit existing surveys in the Google Forms template gallery under Education Category, for instance the Exit Ticket or Course Evaluation form.

In addition, you can use the Kirkpatrick model as source of inspiration for your questions


Security & digital identity

See the general Google privacy policy: