Create a quiz for formative assessment

Domain 6: Training evaluation

Difficulty level

1 hour 30 minutes



Desktop or portable computer, mobile devices, projector, Internet connection

Brief description

In this activity you will learn how to produce an evaluation quiz to propose to your learners


Adult educators can significantly benefit from incorporating formative assessments in the classroom since they can better understand which learning objectives learners have reached and which content requires more attention. Formative assessments allow the educator and the learner to evaluate the understanding of the subject matter early and often.

Learning WHAT

To create a quiz to evaluate learners’ understanding

Notes and links to the tool

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform, free for educators and learners. You can use it to create fun learning games, called kahoots and share them with others in the same room or remotely. You can also search among millions of existing games and use them.

Kahoot! is available online at

Alternative tools to create quizzes are:

  • Socrative (
  • Quizzlet (
  • Plickers (
Detailed description of the learning activity

This activity allows you to create a multiple choice quiz useful for formative evaluation to be played later in the classroom or as homework.

Before starting a planning phase is necessary to decide which questions to ask. Moreover you need to create a free account as educator. Go to and sign up. If you already have an account just log in.

Once on your dashboard, click “Create” in the top navigation bar and pick “Quiz” as game type; quiz is a competitive multiple choice question game. Add the required details to describe your kahoot: title, description, audience, cover image, intro video, etc. Add questions and answers as you need. Each question must have at least two answers, with one correct answer (green checkmark).

Adjust time limits and turn points on or off. Add an image or YouTube video to the questions if you find it necessary.

Review and, once you’re satisfied with your quiz click, “save”.

Once the quiz is ready, it is possible to “Preview it” to check it simultaneously as an educator and as a learner.

For additional details, see

  • Go to, and log in to your account or sign up
  • Click “Create” in the top navigation bar and select “Quiz” as game type
  • Add the required details
  • Add questions and answers
  • Review and save
Tips & tricks

This activity allows you to create a classical multiple choice question quiz. Take into account that you must mark at least one answer as correct. Setting more than one answer as correct will allow any correct answer to award points but players cannot select more than one answer per question.

Between adding questions, it’s good to regularly use the “Save” button. This will allow you to continue editing, preview, play, or share your new kahoot.

Security & digital identity

Security and Protection of Personal Information on the Kahoot! platform and mobile apps are big priorities for Kahoot! AS. They are pursued by means of ad-hoc internal practices and specific infrastructures as described in