Create a course activity spreadsheet

Domain 3: Training content design

Difficulty level

2 sessions of ±1:00H

Google spreadsheet


Computer desktop or mobile device

Internet connection

Brief description

In this activity you will create a spreadsheet containing the activities / timetable of lessons and the related competences. This will be help the adult educator to picture the activities to be carried out in an organized table.  The educator will be able to modify the file and use also graphs and other tools in order to examine the data available.


By creating a spreadsheet, the adult educator will be able to collect all lessons, tasks and activities and to link them to specific competences. The ICT spreadsheet tool allows to create these digital documents, in order to have an organised and useful overview of the entire module.

Learning WHAT
  • Create a spreadsheet containing data and numerical values
  • Use the specific tools (graphs, calculator, tables, etc.)
  • Manage a detailed document containing information about activities and competences
  • Share information with peers and/or trainees
Notes and links to the tool

Google spreadsheet is a spreadsheet program which allows to create files with numerical values or data in rows or columns, and to use these numerical entries for calculations, graphs, and statistical analysis.

Google account link:

Detailed description of the learning activity

Create a Google account and go to the “Documents” section in order to create an online spreadsheet. Open a new file to start filling it with the information you need.

Describe the activities, tasks, lessons, timetable and competences related to the module you want to design. Insert all the above information in different columns and cells in order to have a linear connection.

You can then use different tools to create formulas (to calculate the total number of hours), filters (to create sub groups of different elements), diagrams and charts (to highlight certain data). It is also possible to add images and links.

Once you have finished your work, you can save and download the file on your device, and/or share it with peers and/or trainees.

  1. Collect and write all information related to the module (competences. lessons, activities, number of hours) you would like to organise
  2. Familiarize with Google Spreadsheets (basic and specific functions)
  3. Organise the information in columns and cells
  4. Create an efficient schedule on the spreadsheet
  5. Finalize the file, share with peers and discuss
Tips & tricks

Using specific functions in google spreadsheet is useful, as when you change 1 element everything is changed automatically without having to type in elements again.

Security & digital identity

Google provides a series of actions to protect your account, make it safe and prevent different kind of security issues which may occur. Specific information about it can be found at the Google Privacy & Terms page.