Use a predefined survey for training evaluation

Domain 6: Training evaluation

Difficulty level

1 hour



Desktop or portable computer, mobile devices, projector, Internet connection

Brief description

In this activity you will learn how to collect end-of-class feedback from learners, by asking them to answer the questions of a survey


Assessing the quality of the training provides information about the usefulness, appropriateness and effectiveness of the training itself. There is the need for tools to provide feedback to the trainer, giving suggestions for changes and improvements in the training methodology and process.

Learning WHAT
  • how to search for existing surveys or other kahoot learning resources
  • how to share a resource with learners and collect answers
Notes and links to the tool

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform, free for educators and learners. You can use it to create fun learning games, called kahoots and share them with others in the same room or remotely. You can also search among millions of existing games and use them.

Kahoot! is available online at

An alternative tool to deliver training evaluation surveys is SurveyMonkey (; it provides some predefined templates for training course evaluation ( e. g.

Detailed description of the learning activity

This activity allows you to exploit an existing public resource to collect feedback at the end of the course or of the class from your learners.

Before starting you need to create a free account as educator ( and login in.

It is also recommended to acquire familiarity with the tool and its potential (have a look at

Since Kahoot! provides more than 20 million public games on its platform, called “kahoots”, in this activity you will learn how to search existing public contents to find the right resource for you. By selecting “Discover” in the menu and inserting for instance “student feedback” in the search field, you will find all the learning resources related to your search terms. Use filters to refine your results: open “more filter” and choose “survey” as type , then select “Apply” to get only survey type resources.

The next step consists of browsing through the list of results and selecting a survey, for example “Learner Feedback” ( These surveys provide examples of questions you may ask learners for feedback collection.

Now you are ready to propose it to your learners: just click “Play” to run your live kahoot. A live kahoot is intended to be displayed on a large screen in front of your learners. You will be asked to select between two play mode options. Choose “Classic”. You will see a code, the game PIN; ask learners to join the survey at and insert the game PIN. Wait for learners to join and then start data collection, clicking on the next button after each question.

At the end save the results by downloading them, and you will get a spreadsheet containing all the answers that you may later analyse.

  • create a free account as educator in Kahoot (, if not done yet
  • login in
  • select “Discover” from the top menu
  • choose “survey” kahoot type as filtering option
  • select your favourite survey to evaluate your course or class, for instance the “Student Feedback” survey
  • select “Play”
  • select “Classic”
  • share the game PIN with your learners
  • ask learners to join the survey at and insert the game PIN
  • at the end save the results
Tips & tricks

This activity should be run at different times during the training course to get feedback from learners and adjust training accordingly.

It is recommended in a preparatory phase to find the survey to propose and to verify that everything works well, by simulating the activity with at least two dummy learners.

Since Kahoot! is an internet-based service, connectivity is crucial to a successful event.

If the suggested survey, i.e. “Student Feeback”, is not appropriate for your purposes, you can create your own kahoot with different questions; if the survey almost matches your needs and requires small changes, you can duplicate and edit it in your personal area (My Kahoots).

Security & digital identity

Security and Protection of Personal Information on the Kahoot! platform and mobile apps are big priorities for Kahoot! AS. They are pursued by means of ad-hoc internal practices and specific infrastructures as described in