Collect end-of-class feedback – exit ticket

Domain 6: Training evaluation

Difficulty level

1 hour



Desktop or portable computer, mobile devices, projector, Internet connection

Brief description

In this activity you will learn how to gather a feedback from learners at the end of the class, allowing them to demonstrate what they have learned.


It is very important to be able to verify learner understanding during the training to be sure that the teaching objectives are met. A frequent check of the learning level can be used to clarify misconceptions and adjust homework assignments.

Learning WHAT
  • to launch an “exit ticket” survey with 3 questions
  • to visualize the learners’ answers in real time
  • optionally, to get reports
Notes and links to the tool

Socrative is a tool for fun, effective classroom engagement. It allows the educator to instantly connect with learners as learning happens and assess them with prepared activities or on-the-fly questions to get immediate insight into their understanding.

Socrative is available online at

You can also create an exit ticket using a generic survey tool such as Google Forms (

Detailed description of the learning activity

This activity allows you to launch a short evaluation session at the end of a class to collect learner feedback, using the pre-defined activity “Exit Ticket”.

In order to be able to use the tool, firstly you have to create a free account as educator at “” and secondly to sign in (

Once in, launch “Exit Ticket” and adjust settings such as “show names” and “show answers” for the result visualization, if you like.

Ask learners to join your public room by inserting your room code ( and then to answer the 3 questions. The first two questions are generic, while the third one, the educator question, is specific on the class topic. For that you have to think in advance about the question you want to ask.

At the end click “finish” and select an option to save or visualize the results.

  • create a free account for educator in Socrative ( if not done yet
  • sign in (
  • launch “Exit Ticket” and adjust settings
  • ask learners to enter into your public room and answer the questions (
  • click “finish” and select an option to save or visualize results
Tips & tricks

This activity can be launched at the end of a face-to-face lesson with no previous preparation. The only thing you have to do before is to think about the “educator question” to ask learners.

Before the lesson, to verify that everything works well, it is convenient, to launch the “exit ticket” and simulate the activity with at least two dummy learners joining your room.

Security & digital identity

To be able to use the Socrative services educators need to get an account or connect with their Google account.

Learners can use the service only if they are at least 13 years old, or if they are under this age, with the consent of the educator or a legal parent, according to the COPPA Privacy Policy (

For more information read “Terms & Conditions of Service“ (