Build an open educational resource

Domain 3: Training content design

Difficulty level

2 sessions of ±2:00H

OER commons


Computer desktop or mobile device

Internet connection

Brief description

In this activity, you will create an open educational resource on OER commons platform through the “Lesson Builder” function.

You will be able to include overviews, pedagogical supporting text, and instructions for both students and other users of the resource. Lessons consist of step-by-step approaches to learning with related resources to be downloaded.


Creating and uploading OERs, the educator will be able to develop original material which can be used and shared online by colleagues / trainees etc. This makes it possible to create an important educational network, in which ICT play an essential and necessary role.

Learning WHAT
  • To create and upload content/ educational material
  • Integrate existing content with specific material available in the OER platform
  • Create networks of adult education personnel
  • Share information with peers / trainees
Notes and links to the tool

OER commons is an online platform which collects open educational resources.

Educators can explore, create, and collaborate in creating new online material for the educational community. You can find it online at:

Detailed description of the learning activity
Enter the OER commons platform and explore the resources available. Decide if a resource can be integrated in your training design.

Create an OER through the “Lesson Builder” function, integrate your material with what you have found in OER commons.

Once you have created your material, you can save it and share it with peers and/or trainees.

  1. Reflect on content information which you would like to share and/or discuss
  2. Familiarize with OER commons platform, multimedia and different functions
  3. Collect materials for the “Lesson builder” reflecting information you want to share
  4. Create the lesson
  5. Finalize it and share it with peers
Tips & tricks
Before starting the activity, make sure that adults have an email account to be able to subscribe to the application.

Encourage trainees to be as precise as possible and to check what others have done within the OER commons platform.

Security & digital identity

The teaching, learning, and resource materials of OER Commons reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that allows no-cost access, use, and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions. These privileges cannot be revoked as long as you follow the license terms.