Microsoft Excel

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Domain 3: Training content design


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program which allows one to enter numerical values or data into the rows or columns of a spreadsheet, and to use these numerical entries for calculations, graphs, and statistical analysis.

Pedagogical value

Microsoft Excel is a tool which can be used by adult educators to collect data and numerical values, by creating an efficient and organized spreadsheet. It allows to list the steps to the learners or other adult educators and to include the related competences which can be acquired through the process.


Microsoft Excel is a software program which runs on any standard computer desktop, laptop or smart-phone running Windows operating system.

The online tool runs on any standard web-browser, on Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices.

To create and manage an Excel file it is necessary to download and install the program on your computer/laptop. To use the online platform it is necessary to register with an email account and a password.


The use of Microsoft Excel is free. It is already installed in running Windows operating system computers. To use the online platform of Microsoft Excel, users need to sign up and use the features of the tool.

Security and privacy

The files created through Microsoft Excel are private until you decide to share them and make them public.

More information about the “Terms of use” of Microsoft products can be found at: