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Domain 6: Training evaluation


Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform, free for educators and learners. You can use it to create fun learning games, called kahoots, and share them with others in the same room or remotely. You can also search among millions of existing games and use them.

Kahoots may be of four different types: multiple choice questions, jumbles (where answers have to be put in the right order), surveys and discussions. Once ready, kahoots are best played in a group setting, for example, a classroom. Players answer the questions on their own devices, while games are displayed on a shared screen during the lesson.
Kahoot! also offers data analysis of the learner answers.

In addition to playing the proposed kahoots learners can also create and share their own kahoots to deepen understanding.

Andragogical value

Kahoot is an engaging and easy to use learning tool. Learners participate actively while competing with their peers.
Kahoot! fosters social learning promoting discussion and deepens andragogical impact. Educators can challenge learners to create and share their own learning games.


Kahoot! is a game based learning platform accessible on any devices. It is available as a web based application from any browser and as a mobile device app for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

It is typically used in the classroom context, with learners gathered around a common screen such as an interactive whiteboard, projector or a computer monitor, but it can also be used in an individual learning context.

Before starting users need to register at https://kahoot.com/ by clicking “sign up”. Registration is not required if learners just want to join a game and play: in this case it is enough to insert the game pin.


Kahoot! platform is free for classrooms. Educators and learners can register for an account to create, host and share learning games and search among public materials available on the platform.
Moreover, there are paid versions: Kahoot! Plus, for training purposes in the workplace, and Kahoot! Pro to use in events, training and promotion.

It can be used on desktop computers, tablets or other device. In addition to the web-based version, there are free apps available for iOS (Apple iOS 9 and newer), Android (4.4 and newer), and Windows 10 devices.
For Windows 10 mobile devices and computers, Kahoot! AS built 2 apps to create and play learning games. For iOS and Android there is an app to play.

Inclusion and Accessibility are a top priority for Kahoot! AS, that aims to be compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0, to an AA conformance level.

Security and privacy

Kahoot! AS is concerned about privacy issues and has published a web page to make users familiar with how it collects, uses and discloses information, collected through websites, mobile devices apps and email messages (https://kahoot.com/privacy-policy/). Collected information includes name, email address, profile picture, biographical info, browser and device info, usage data, and demographic info.
There is also a special Privacy Policy for children 16 or under.