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Domain 5: Training delivery


Emaze allows the creation of multimedia presentations. Users can incorporate pictures, video, audio and text in a collaborative and remotely way.

With the Emaze remote presenting tool, it is also possible to control the presentation from any keyboard and mouse connected to a personal device.

In addition to the creation of presentations, Emaze also allows the creation of websites, weblogs, e-cards and photo albums

Andragogical value

Emaze allows working in small groups promoting interaction and communication skills. Recognizing the importance of interaction with others and the importance of collaboration to share information, or to solve problems, this tool could be used as a way to foster or reinforce these skills in a collaborative way.


To create and manage content with Emaze it is necessary to make its registration first in the online platform. The content can be viewed through any device with Internet access (desktop computer, tablet or smartphone).


The access to the online Emaze platform involves an individual registration.

Security and privacy

Emaze security policy can be check out in the Emaze website at the Privacy and Security Policy topic.

Remember learners that images and other published content must be free of copyright and properly referenced.