StepUp2ICT Andragogic Handbook

The project’s partners completed the Andragogic Handbook “How to use ICT in Adult Education”. This handbook is meant to support adult educators in using ICT tools and digital media in their working framework.
The Handbook is created to help every adult educator to use e-learning methods, tools and techniques from the planning phase to the evaluation of participants’ learning phase. It includes 6 examples of training activities using online open technologies apt to promote the use of digital technologies in adult education settings from the conception of the learning process to the final stage of evaluation.

The handbook will soon be available online. Stay tuned!

Third AAA-STEPUP2ICT transnational project meeting

The third transnational project meeting was held in Klaipeda, on 4-5 October 2018. The project partners discussed several activities:

  • Output 1: AAA-StepUp2-ICT Pedagogic Handbook: “Getting to use online learning, web 2.0 technologies and mobile apps in Adult education”.
  • Output 2: AAA-StepUp2-ICT Modularized training programme: “Facilitating Educators’ and Trainers’ uses of online learning, web 2.0 technologies and mobile technologies in different Adult education contexts”.
  • Output 3: AAA-StepUp2-ICT Open Educational Resources for Adult educators and trainers.
  • Output 4: AAA-StepUp2-ICT Community Platform.
  • Presentation of:
    • Dissemination and Quality Plan
    • Management and reporting system
    • Activities until the next meeting

Some photos below.