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Quiz Development for an Initial Global Diagnosis

Domain 2: Training need assessment

The activity consists on elaborating a quiz contest with individual and also group tasks aiming to obtain information for a global diagnosis of the adult learners. The activity purpose is to collect useful information regarding to the learners’ previous knowledge on the subject to be taught. As a result, possible mistakes in their preconceptions will be detected. This assessment will enable the educator to establish a general guidance for teaching new contents, making connections with the previous knowledge of the learners and minding the learners’ needs for a curriculum accommodation plan.


Setting up a coordination and planning environment

Domain 1: Training coordination

In this activity, we will combine the basic functionality of SLACK and Evernote to create an integrated coordination environment in which information management (knowledge management) and communication go hand in hand.


Sharing ideas in a digital mural

Domain 5: Training delivery

After discussing a specific subject, adult learners are supposed to write in a collective digital mural what they have learned. By these means, all other adult learners can read what is written and confront perspectives, debate and reflect together on the subject in order to learn. The creation of a digital mural may also be used to discuss a subject or to make a sum up, to plan activities, projects and group work, among others.


Use a predefined survey for training evaluation

Domain 6: Training evaluation

In this activity you will learn how to collect end-of-class feedback from learners, by asking them to answer the questions of a survey


Using templates for project based planning of a training

Domain 1: Training coordination

In this activity you will breakdown the training you want to plan (or coordinate) into a workplan and describe it based on a template. You connect your workplan to a collection of useful information.


Visualisation of information through infographic

Domain 4: Training development

This activity will cover main concepts you need to know about infographics. Infographic is a graphical representation of data and information. By presenting information in a compact and creative approach, infographics are able to quickly transfer knowledge and engage its viewers. The tool for graphic design Snappa doesn’t require specific ICT skills – you can now design all kinds of professional graphics using nothing more than “drag and drop”.

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